Aadi Mahotsav2Virtual Aadimahotsav


A celebration of the spirit of Tribal Culture, Craft, Cuisine, and Commerce!


An avenue of showcasing the tribal products and helping the artisans connect with the mainstream population has been the National Tribal Craft Expo – an exhibition, named Aadi Mahotsav, in which individual tribal artisans, tribal SHGs, agencies, organisations working with tribals participate.


The Aadi Mahotsav acquaints people with and gives a peek into the rich tribal heritage and culture. This helps the underprivileged tribes get a bigger market for displaying and selling their arts and crafts. The Aadi Mahotsav is also an opportunity for the artisans to interact directly with art lovers and get first-hand feedback which can then better their creations and designs.


Aadi Mahotsav establishes a direct connect between the masses and the tribal people. A special feature of the festival is TRIBES India cuisines, created and presented in delectable

forms to suit the urban taste by special tribal chefs. The craft demonstrations

about making of various crafts and diverse entertaining cultural performances are arranged during the Mahotsav. It is a celebration of the tribal art and culture in holistic manner!

In 2019-20, TRIFED has organized 16 Aadi Mahotsavs all across the country. The most recent Aadi Mahotsav, organised in November, 2020, in New Delhi registered a record footfall and was a grand success. More than 500+ artisans attended the festival and transacted business worth over Rs 20 Crores in the two-week-long festival. More than 500 cultural troupes performed at the festival. The festival, graced by several prominent personalities, had on display of over 240 stalls and saw a multitude of rich cultural performances. It was a stupendous success.


In an effort to boost the development of the marketing of tribal products and enhance the tribal income, TRIFED participates in several other events and exhibitions organized by other Organisations/Agencies in different parts of the country for the promotion and sale of tribal products. TRIFED also participates in a few international exhibitions/trade fairs through the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) and India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) in various countries. The aim is to widen the spread and reach of the work of the tribal artisans.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Aadi Mahotsav has gone online this year. Please visit 

The first virtual edition showcasing the tribes of Madhya Pradesh was launched on December 1, 2020. Madhya Pradesh will be the focus from December 1-20, 2020. 



As a part of celebrations for International Yoga Day, the Consulate General of India in New York organized a day-long event on June 21, 2021  to showcase Yoga, holistic health, Ayurveda and wellness at New York’s Times Square. Attended by over 3000 people, the event at the iconic location in New York was very successful. 
A particular attraction was the stalls on display which showcased unique natural tribal products including immunity boosters, and Ayurvedic products. The stall put up by Tribes India garnered a lot of attention. It included a range of tribal products, comprising both organic, essential natural immunity-boosting products such as millets, rice, spices, honey, chyawanprash, amla, ashwagandha powders, herbal teas and coffee and accessories such as yoga mats, wind flutes, herbal soaps, bamboo aromatic candles etc. The stalls also saw a great amount of footfall  and a lot of interest was expressed in knowing about the uniqueness of Indian tribes and tribal products.