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To help showcase the exquisite, handcrafted products of the tribal communities, TRIBES India sells tribal products and artefacts under the following 8 categories listed below:

Metal Craft
Tribal Textile
Tribal Jewellery
Tribal Painting
Cane & Bamboo
Terracotta & Stone Pottery
Gift & Novelties
Organic & Natural Food Products

Metal Craft

Traditionally the Gadwas, Gonds and Dhurwas tribes of Chhattisgarh practice the Dokra art with lost wax technique or hollow casting. It involves patterning a clay core intricately with wax ribbons and then coating it carefully with a mix of clay and hay. The wax is subsequently melted off, and the cavity formed is filled with molten metal - an alloy of copper and tin. When this solidifies, the craftsman reveals the beauty of his creation by cautiously breaking open the outer clay shell. Inspiration for casting unique pieces of art comes from the abundant environment, be it the village ghotul, myriad of trees, birds and animals, mythology or rituals. Tribes offers a breathtaking range of metal craft created by the deft hands of the tribal artisans of Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha & West Bengal.


Tribal Textiles

tribal textiles

The tribal textile industry in India has been in existence since time immemorial and is a huge global commodity for India. Conquering all boundaries of time and space, the timeless brilliance of tribal artists have seamlessly adopted age-old traditions into contemporary styles. The indigenous crafts have also received much international acclaim. Tribes India hosts a wide variety of apparel ranging from drapes to t-shirts that have been created out of tribal textiles. Fusing tradition with modernity, it isn’t surprising that they have received immense popularity among all. Hand woven woollen products such as shawls, stoles and mufflers are made out of Sheep and Angora or rabbit wool by the Bhutia tribes of Uttarakhand and by Bodh and Lahula tribes of Himachal Pradesh. Angora provides warmth and is soft, strong and durable in nature making it a fashion statement in extreme winter seasons.

Textiles such as Muga and Eri silk in the North East and Tassar silk in Jharkhand are some other very rich fabrics used to make sarees, shawls and stoles through weaving. Menswear clothing line ranging from kurtas to bandhgala jackets are all also a part of the textile category. A wide range of home furnishings comprising of bed covers, cushion covers, table cloths are available. The timeless brilliance of tribal artists shatters all boundaries of time and space; centuries old traditions have seamlessly adapted into contemporary styles.

Tribal Jewellery

The finest pieces of jewellery are made by the tribes of Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh in the North East, states of Odisha, Himachal Pradesh and Jharkhand. Tribal jewellery from the North East of India has an exceptional range of variety. With an unmatched combination of natural resources and innovation these artistic creations are made with animal bones, corals, glass beads and shells.

There is a collection of special ornaments that includes original bead necklaces from the Wancho tribe of Arunachal Pradesh; sea shell, glass bead and coral necklace from Konyak tribe of Nagaland; necklaces made with beads with two brass heads and fish tails which are considered as fertility symbols worn by the Naga tribes and necklaces with figures of heads strung on them. Dokra jewellery crafted by the Bhattada section of the famous Gond tribes of Odisha is another beautiful form of jewellery which gives an antique look and augments well with traditional as well as contemporary styles.


Tribal Paintings


Tribal communities have expressed their sensitivity and creativity through their arts and crafts. Their art exemplifies a level where life and creativity are inseparable. The tribal people possess an intense awareness different from the settled and urbanised people. Vivid, mysterious and colourful, the art reflects the communities' myth, legends, epics and multitudinous Gods.

An expression of tribal life and its myriad aspects, tribal paintings depict a world of passion and mystique. Home to more than 2500 tribes and ethnic groups, there are different rich art styles when it comes to tribal paintings. Some noted tribal art forms, which can be found at Tribes India outlets and the website include Warli, Saura, Gond, Pithora and Patachitra. Made with natural colours and pigments, they are a vibrant and colourful representation of seasons, festivals, regular activities such as hunting, fishing, dancing and religious beliefs. Puranic Gods and Goddesses and legends prevalent in the region are depicted.

Longpi Pottery


Named after the village of Longpi in Manipur, this exceptionally beautiful pottery style in black stone is practised by the members of theTangkhul Naga tribe. Living in a single village with 400 houses in the district Ukhrul of North-East Manipur, 200 potter families make these beautiful Longpi masterpieces. The uniqueness lies in the fact that these creations are not made using the potter’s wheel. All the shaping is done with the hand and with the help of moulds. The characteristic gray-black cooking pots, the stout kettles, quaint bowls, mugs and nut trays, at times with a pacing of fine cane are trademarks of Longpi. Fresh design elements are being introduced both to extend the product range as well as to embellish the existing pottery. The ensemble now encompasses, table lamps, candlestick holders and office collectibles With a black background and few motifs, this art form expunges the “great divide” of practicality and ethnicity. In the recent past, Longpi pottery has gained popularity in countries like Australia, Sweden, Germany and the United States.

Cane & Bamboo


Cane and Bamboo is abundantly found in almost all the North Eastern States of India. The tribal inhabitants make utility products like basketry, which are woven in various patterns, shapes and sizes. The baskets are traditionally Conical, Flat bottomed or Flat Cylindrical and are used for carrying firewood, water, storing grains or straining rice beer beside other variety of fishing utility baskets. Cane and Bamboo is also used in making other utility items like trays, lamps, fruit baskets, key rings, walking sticks, Office bags, pen stands & a range of furniture products. Sofa Sets, chairs, dinning/conference table, laundry baskets, waste baskets etc. are many forms of intricately carved cane & Bamboo products that can handle lot of usage without getting damaged. It is eco friendly as the same is made from a renewable forest resource. The manufacturing process of cane furniture starts with the preparation of requisite amount of bamboo slips. Canes of various diameters are also reduced into slips of various sizes according to adaptability. The artisans then prepare a rough structure of the furniture by joining the different bamboo parts with the help of nails. In case of round-cane furniture, thin iron rods are used to get the round cane bend to the required shape. The actual weaving or coiling of the structure so made is done with fine slips of flexible cane. Cane & Bamboo is one of the main source of income for Chakma, Dimasa, Nagas, Mizos, Khasi, Garo Jaintias, Riyang Apatani, tribes from Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Arunachal & Tripura.

Gifts & Novelties


Gifts are something which bring a smile on the face. They become a remembrance of that moment and turn it into a beautiful memory. Naturally, they need to be unique and peerless. Carefully, selected and meticulously made, Tribes collection of exotic gift items, souvenirs and assortments made by Tribal artisans have that magic. Tribes India outlets and its e-commerce platforms offer a plethora of range to choose from this specially designed and charismatic section which have the power to lure and possess your soul.

Organic & Natural Products


Nature always appeals in its pristine form. It cares and nurtures only when it is pure, that is why Tribes brings you food in its natural form-organic food which is exactly the way, nature wanted it to be. Far from chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides, artificial culturing, artificial flavouring or additives, this naturally grown range from various parts of India is for people who believe in healthy living. Only natural inputs and farming practises make this food faster and healthier. What’s more, its is not expensive at all which means a healthy life at little extra cost. The product category ranges from Honey, Tea, Spices to Dry fruits, Fish, and Soap to name a few.