Research & Development - Objectives

Following are the main objectives for undertaking Research project on Non Timber Forest Produces (NTFPs) by TRIFED:

  • To develop innovative and low cost process/ technology for optimum utilization of available MFPs.
  • To develop tool, implements, methodologies, processes etc. which result in sustainable harvesting and collection of MFPs on a sustainable basis by reducing manual drudgery & waste, increasing efficiency and capacity of the tribal.
  • To develop appropriate technologies for post-harvest management of MFPs concerning sorting , grading , cleaning, dusting , scientific storage, primary level processing for increasing shelf life/ value addition, reducing, process lost etc.
  • Sustainable harvesting to ensure long term survival of forests.
  • Enhance income through value addition of the MFPs.


TRIFED sponsors R&D projects through various reputed institutions like IITs. IICT, Hyderabad, CFTRI, Mysore, Universities etc to find out new & innovative product(s)/ process(s) development so that it can enhance the value of Minor forest produce and livelihood of tribals. During the last few years TRIFED has sponsored several R&D Projects which are under various stages of its completion and commercialisation.