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June 09, 2020
1 hour
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TRIFED forges new partnerships to promote and market tribal products

To ease the burden of the tribal artisans in such distressed times, TRIFED, an Apex organisation of Ministry of Tribal affairs  has announced several aggressive initiatives to boost the sales of the tribal products and re-energise the lagging economic activity for sustaining the livelihood development of tribals of our country.   


As part of such efforts, TRIFED is also exploring and forging new partnerships with industry associations such as ASSOCHAM and CII and their members so that together they can work and help the distressed artisans. Two online conferences were organized by TRIFED in association with ASSOCHAM and CII to take this initiative a step further.

CII Assocham


A webinar titled The Road Show for the Promotion & Marketing of Tribal Products for Livelihood Development of Tribals was organized by TRIFED in association with ASSOCHAM on June 7, 2020. These business webinars, hosted by the TRIFED team, was each attended by over 45 corporates. The webinar for ASSOCHAM members was chaired by Shri Pravir Krishna, Managing Director, TRIFED and Mr. Bharat Jaiswal, Regional Head (ASSOCHAM) and was attended by over 45 participants.


Ms Sangeeta Mahendra, Executive Director TRIFED gave the welcome address and introduced TRIFED. She also introduced the aim and agenda of the webinar to discuss various measures that could be adopted by Business Associations and their corporate members to address difficulties faced by Tribals during this crisis arising due to Covid-19 pandemic.


A presentation on TRIFED’s activities, its extensive product catalogue (which can be used for mass gifting) and its e-platforms were shown during the webinar so to as to familiarise the audience with the organisation’s work.


Mr. Bharat Jaiswal, Regional Head (ASSOCHAM), emphasised the positive contribution that tribal culture (art, craft, culture and activities) have had on India. He also specified his expectations from the road show for promotion of tribal products through tie ups with Corporate members.


Shri Pravir Krishna, MD Trifed, in his address spoke about how the tribal community has been the hardest hit in this pandemic and how TRIFED, as the representative of these master craftsmen, has introduced several measures to help cope with this situation. He elaborated on how has an inventory of 1 lakh items worth Rs 100 crore that has been purchased from the tribals.  70-80% of the sale proceeds from tribesindia goes directly to the tribal families. He also spoke about TRIFED’s partnerships with leading fashion designers and e-market portals such as Amazon, Flipkart. He laid bare the vision of TRIFED to promote tribal products so that they find a place in each and every Indian household.


Shri Krishna extended an invitation to ASSOCHAM for a long-term partnership to work for Tribal development with TRIFED to start a movement to empower tribal artisans and foster tribal entrepreneurship.



The floor (in this Zoom App room) was left open for questions and queries from the attendees. Many relevant suggestions regarding potential collaboration and product improvements came up during this discussion, which will be actioned upon shortly.


The Conference for the promotion and marketing of Tribal products for members of CII was held on June 9, 2020. The hour-long webinar was chaired by Shri Pravir Krishna, Managing Director, TRIFED and was attended by approximately 40 participants. Ms. Tarana Sawhney, the Chairperson, Task Force on Art and Culture, CII represented the CII delegation and was on the panel.


Ms. Sangeeta Mahendra, Executive Director, TRIFED gave the welcome address and kicked of the webinar. A brief overview about TRIFED and the kind of work it has been doing to empower the tribal communities of our country was presented.  Shri Krishna then followed the welcome address by presenting a well-rounded picture about the organisation and specifically focussed on the current situation where in the commercial activities of the tribal artisans have been halted, leaving them with a large amount of unsold stock and no means of generating livelihood.


Shri Krishna then informed the participants about the measures being put in place by TRIFED to help alleviate the distress of the entire tribal community, both artisans and the tribal gatherers.


Some of these measures, which impact the tribal artisans directly, include offering attractive discounts on the products on retail platforms, namely the Tribes India platform ( and other e-tailers such as Amazon, Snapdeal, GeM; transferring 100% of the sales proceeds to the tribal artisans; and collaborating with Art of Living Foundation to distribute free food and ration to 5000 tribal artisan families. TRIFED is also encouraging artisans to manufacture soaps, face masks and sanitisers.

In her introductory address, Ms. Tarana Sawhney commented on the work that TRIFED is engaged in and expressed her interest in exploring this collaboration further.  The discussion then veered towards the role that industry can play in supporting this cause.


As a part of his main address, Shri Krishna then detailed some of the steps that industry organisations can take immediately. These include procuring decorative art work for offices through Tribes India; their conference stationery requirements (folders, notebooks) with these products made by tribal artisans; and bulk purchase of all tribal products, including the essential Van Dhan natural range.


The suggestions made by Shri Krishna were welcomed heartily by the participants. Ms. Sawhney, with her experience in working in the art field, offered some interesting and valuable suggestions as well, more in the vein of how TRIFED can spread the word about the important work it is doing through social media.


It was also agreed upon to continue this fruitful association by holding regular monthly touch-base meetings so as to ensure that all efforts are being consolidated towards the empowerment of the tribal artisans.


The two webinars have laid a strong foundation for the coming together of like-minded organisations to empower and work for the tribal community across the country by forging partnerships with Business Associations and corporates to promote marketing and bulk sales of tribal products.