Research Activities


There are two types of research conducted:

1) Innovative Technologies available for Commercialisation

2) Terms and conditions for the Technology Transfer

Research Conducted

Current status of R&D Projects undertaken by TRIFED

Projects Successfully Completed

  • Development of Integrated post – harvest technology for production of quality minor forest produces by Institution of Minerals & Materials Technology (IMMT), Bhubaneswar - The research study resulted in development of low cost hybrid dryer that can be useful for enhance the shelf life of Minor forest produces and can be utilized by the tribals. The extension work order for fabrication & installation of 3 Hybrid and 4 mobile dryers has been given to deploy the same in different PESA on trial run basis.

  • Production of Nutra beverages from Mahuwa flower by JUIT, Solan (Jointly with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)): A blended Mahuwa Guava wine has been developed which has enhanced flavor and antioxidant property. Further action regarding validation, patenting and market trial of developed products is under consideration.

  • Preparation of Health Products from Bael Fruit: Evaluation of Antiulcer, Anti-diabetic and Anticancer potentials by CFTRI, Mysore: The project has been completed and Bael juice fruit has been test marketed which received an encouraging response. The know how process developed by CFTRI for preparation of Bael fruit Nectar and Bael fruit Bar was shared with the State Agencies MPMFP Federation, Bhopal & CGMFP Federation, Raipur.

  • Preparation of Industrially important Oleo-chemicals from Sal fat, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology by Hyderabad. The research study resulted in development of hydrogenation of Sal Oil. By the hydrogenation process Sal oil can be converted into Sal wax. Which can be further used for preparation of Sal wax based Biocandles and other products. Market trial of the developed biocandle was done and response was found positive.

  • Cosmaceutical Products development from Karanj oil using low cost technology by BIT, Mesra – Cosmetic cum pharmaceutical products such as Cold cream, Sunscreen cream, Liquid Soap and shaving cream have been developed through BIT, Mesra by processing of Karanj oil. The patent of the invention has been filed in 2014 and the same is under examination process. The demonstration of the research findings was done in Jan 2017 and some of the entrepreneurs participated in the demonstration cum training program desired to take the technology for product development.

  • Exploration of Sal Seed oil cake as source of Organic manure, biopesticides and nitrification inhibitor. The research resulted in development of Sal manure and application of same resulted in higher productivity of crops. The commercialization of the research outcome in under progress.


Ongoing R&D Projects on value addition of Minor Forest Produces:


  • Demonstration of value added food products using Mahuwa flower syrup, Amla with Tamarind (IIT Delhi). The project resulted into development of value added products from Tamarind, Mahuwa flower and Amla such as RTS and other preserved products viz. pickle, Chutney, candy, soft drinks. The product Tamarind- Mahua Candy and pickle has been identified for bulk supply in Air India.

  • Development of edible coating based on Gum karaya for shelf life enhancement of fruit and vegetable (SRIIR): Project resulted into developed edible coating formulations from Gum karaya which has enhanced shelf life of Tomato from 6 days to 30 days at ambient temperature.