Minister of State


Smt. Renuka Singh
Hon’ble Minister of State for Tribal Affairs



The Scheme “Mechanism for Marketing of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) through Minimum Support Price (MSP) & Development of Value Chain for MFP”, announced by Government of India, is an important milestone in the field of MFP development and for ensuring fair and remunerative prices to the tribals. It is a multi-faceted scheme which provides direct benefits to the tribal by institutionalizing various avenues in the value chain of MFP such as training, sustainable collection, procurement, value addition, infrastructure, marketing etc.

While there is a lot yet to be done, this will surely help states and its tribal population to derive benefit out of the Scheme. Over 1.2 L tribal artisans and artists across the country have been benefitted from programs of TRIFED.

Exhibitions and outlets in major cities have proved to be a boon for tribal artisans by eliminating the middleman and providing direct access to large markets, otherwise impossible to reach for them. Tribal artisans are very creative and enterprising and we need to promote them through tribal festivals. Associating with online retailers such as Amazon to promote TRIBES India is an initiative that will truly help reach out to many people. Online markets have no geographical boundaries. We can thus promote the tribal communities of India and their art while helping them to go global and providing them opportunities to attain a sustainable livelihood.\

It is important that people purchase products made by tribal artisans as they are of top-quality and their purchase also strengthens the livelihood of tribals. After all, tribal products are linked with traditional Indian culture.