Retail Marketing

Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited(TRlFED) strives to promote the economic development of the Tribal communities of the country through marketing development and sustained upgradation of their skills and products. TRIFED's sole objective is to bring about a multi-dimensional transformation of the tribal society and a shift in the perception of their existing image.

The creativity, craftsmanship and the hard work of the tribal people is brought to the outside world through Tribes India - a shop of tribal artefacts in India espousing tribal cause.

It aims at accelerating economic development of tribal people, the poorest among the poor, through the marketing of their products on sustainable basis and providing wider exposure to their art and craft in domestic as well as international markets. 

TRIFED has a network of 15 Regional Offices across the country which identifies and source tribal products for marketing through its retail marketing network of Tribes India outlets.
Regional Presence_TRIFED
TRIFED has been undertaking sourcing of various handicraft, handloom and natural & food products through its empanelled suppliers across the country. The suppliers comprise of individual tribal artisans, tribal SHGs, Organisations/ Agencies/NGOs working with tribals. 

Marketing of Tribal Products

TRIFED has been marketing tribal products through its Retail Outlets located across country and also through exhibitions. TRIFED has established a chain of 35 own showrooms and 8 consignment showrooms in association with State level Organisations promoting tribal handicrafts.