To assist the creative tribal artisans to enliven their imagination through their creations originating out of their innocent passion, TRIFED appoints talented and qualified designers and deploy them in the field. TRIFED also has as its partners, designers of rich experience and high reputation recognized globally. It has recently partnered with renowned designers – Ritu Beri, Rosy Ahluwalia, Rina Dhaka, Winky Singh, Neera Nath and Tara Bhuyan to leverage their artistry for the betterment of tribal lives.

With a firm belief that fusion of age old weaving styles and dexterity of tribal craftsmen with polished and contemporary fashion artistry of renowned designers leads to the creation of an exceptional collection of outfits for the modern buyers to choose from, TRIFED continues to nurture the talent lying latent amidst the tribal folk. Ruma Devi, a name from the tribal community of Indian state of Rajasthan with her collection of unique designs has outreached the hearts of not just the nearby rural population but the distant urban clan as well.

The team work of TRIFED, designers and the tribal artisans is oriented towards the goal that every single piece in each designer assemblage is thoughtfully crafted for a pleasing personality with discerning fashion tastes.         

If you a designer (experienced or fresh graduate) with a passion to draw and sketch-out plans showing how an appealing and high utility product can be made and give necessary input for improvement of the existing produce, then we are looking for you! 

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