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Delhi Regional Office

Regional Office
Office Name
Delhi TRIFED Regional Office
Office Address
9, Mahadev Road, Pandit Pant Marg Area, off Sansad Marg , New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Regional Office - Contact
Contact Name
Shri Bhaskar Jha
Regional Manager
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I t is a proud moment for us to present the progress that we have made in PMVDY, touching the lives of 3.6 lacks Forest produce gathering Tribles enabling them to take entrepreneurial path. We stand with 18,075 Self help group accross India with funding of RS.165.79Cr. at present.


The Vandhan Yojna is about setting up 50,000 self help group spreadacross the forested area,where Village primary and secondery level manufacturing will be encouraged, promotedand instead of raw  materials, they will self finnished product. This is the magic that we are planning to across the Country '' Shri Pravir Krishna MD TRIFED

Sr. No. State City Type Name Address
1 Delhi New Delhi Own Tribes India , Baba Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi, New Delhi
2 Delhi New Delhi Own Tribes India , Dilli Haat, INA New Delhi, New Delhi
3 Delhi New Delhi Own Tribes India , Mahadev Road, New Delhi, New Delhi
4 Delhi New Delhi Own Dilli Haat, INA, Hall No. 1 New Delhi, Delhi
5 Delhi Delhi franchise M/s Angel Distributor Delhi, Delhi
Sr. No. State District VDVK Name No. of Beneficiary Nodal Agency Implementing Agency Detail of MFP Value Addition Details Production Commencement
Sr. No. Regional Office State Year of Empanelment Name of the Empanelled Supplier Address Contact Person Phone No. Email ID Craft Category (Individual/NG O/Coop./Orga nisation (Please Specify) Name of the Tribes associated No. of Tribal family associated with Empanelled Supplier Remarks Star categorization Percentage of members belonging to tribal (%) Bank Bank Account No. Bank Account Holder`s Name Branch Name of Bank IFSC Code Remarks Year Category Category (Individual/NG O/Coop./Orga nisation (Please Specify) COUNTA of Name of the Empanelled Supplier
1 Delhi Delhi 2007-08 Sh.Alun Mangte Plot No.1, Opposite D/2 Flat West Kidwai Nagar New Delhi-110023 Sh.Alun Mangte 9654130541 Stone Pottery Individual Kom Manipur 8 1 star 3978010 100009 828 Sh.Alun Mangte Punjab National Bank, Dilli Haat Branch PUNB0614800 2018 Individual
2 Delhi Delhi 2007-08 Sh.Mathew Sasa B-50 Masoodpur Vasant Kunj Near Post Offie New Delhi-110070 Sh.Mathew Sasa 0 9818060802 Stone Pottery Individual Tangkhul Manipur 7 2 star 32144539597 Sh.Mathew Sasa State Bank of India, Vasant Kunk Branch SBIN0008524 2018 Individual
3 Delhi Delhi 2007-08 Sh.Wungshungmi Shangeri 67-68, August Vihar Bakarwala More New Delhi-43 Sh.Wungshungmi Shangeri 9953172200/ 9919199972 Stone Pottery Individual Tangkhul Manipur 6 3 star 39780 1010000 6317 Sh.Wungshungmi Shangeri Punjab National Bank,Dilli Haat Branch PUNB0614800 2018 Individual
4 Delhi Delhi 2012 Sh.Muvia K N Shimray F-128, Mohd. Pur Near Bikhaji Cama lace New Delhi Sh.Muvia K N Shimray 9873948406 Stone Pottery Individual Tangkhul Manipur 7 1 star Sh.Muvia K N Shimray 2018 Individual
5 Delhi Delhi 2009 Ms.R.Pamringla Vasum 70, Shahpur Jat 2nd Floor New Delhi. Ms.R.Pamringla Vasum 9818011989 Handloom & Naga Jewellry Individual Tangkhul Naga Tribe 8 2 star 3099 8731 894 Vashum Riyama Pamringla State Bank of India, Con naught Place SBIN0001537 2018 Individual
6 Delhi Delhi 2007-08 Sh.A.S.Tamriepam B-327,Vasant Kunj Enclave, New Delhi. Sh.A.S.Tamriepam 9910027483 Stone Pottery Individual Tangkhul Manipur 15 3 star 54701003544 Sh.A.S.Tamriepam ICICI Bank, Vasant Kunj ICIC0000547 2018 Individual
7 Delhi Delhi 2009 Sh.Babu Ram Negi WB-175,Ganesh Nagar II Shakarur New Delhi-110092. Sh.Babu Ram Negi 9013689918 Jewellry Individual Kinnaura 1 1 star 9050 2010 135749 Sh.Babu Ram Negi Syndicate Bank, Nirman Vihar Branch SYNB 0009050 2018 Individual
8 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms.Amma Bagbi Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi Ms.Amma Bagbi 9871297217 Dry Flower Individual Dapla Nishing 8 1 star Ms.Amma Bagbi 2018-19 Individual
9 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms.Sunita Negi L-105 Near Jagat Ram Market Laxmi Nagar Delhi. Ms.Sunita Negi 7838847179/8851096533 Textile Individual Kinnaura 5 2 star 1603000 10198 1400 Ms.Sunita Negi Punjab National Bank,Laxmi Nagar Branch PUNB0160300 2018-19 Individual
10 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms.R.Vidah Vasum MEK-308, A Gali No.4 , Mahipalpur Ext. Malikpur Kohi Alias Rangpuri South West Delhi-110037 Ms.R.Vidah Vasum 9971348688/7678344907 Textile Individual Tangkhul Manipur 7 1 star 02570 1025 9118 Ms.R.Vidah Vasum United Bank of India,Ukhrul UTBI0KH348 2018-19 Individual
11 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms.Kedoneino Nakhro B-196, 3rd Floor, Gali No.3 Chatterpur Ext., Near Nanda Hospital Ms.Kedoneino Nakhro 9818876844 Textile Individual Naga Tribes 6 2 star 2019 721 5127 Ms.Kedoneino Nakhro State Bank of India, Science College, Jotsoma(Nagaland),Phezhu Nagi Building,Pin Code 797002 SBIN0014265 2018-19 Individual
12 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms.Aboli Wotsa Delhi Ms.Aboli Wotsa 7289073885 Individual Naga Tribes 0 1 star Ms.Aboli Wotsa 2018-19 Individual
13 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms. Kim Sarma Hmar E-63,Abdul Fazal Enclave Part I Jamiya Nagar, Okhla New Friends Colony South Delhi-110025 Ms. Kim Sarma Hmar 9957105515/6000310183 Textile Individual Hmar Tribes 7 3 star 2043 344 8962 Ms. Kim Sarma Hmar State Bank of India, Chini Kuthi Branch, Guwahati SBIN0007976 2018-19 Individual
14 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms.Marienla Longkumar 50, Arjun Nagar Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi-29 Ms.Marienla Longkumar 9999209533 Textile Individual Naga Tribes 8 3 star 91101 00603 90385 Ms.Marienla Longkumar Dimapur,Nagaland UTIB0000378 2018-19 Individual
15 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms.Kos Jhasa 146 B Shapur Jat, New Delhi Ms.Kos Jhasa .0.9911074710 Textile Individual Naga Tribes 5 3 star 3377 822 7194 Ms.Kos Jhasa SBI Zakhma SBIN0005558 2017-18 Individual
16 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms.Vesunolu Yoho Arjun Nagar Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi-29 Ms.Vesunolu Yoho 0 9436208718 Textile Individual Naga Tribes 5 2 star 20071980054 Ms.Vesunolu Yoho SBI Kohima SBIN0000214 2018-19 Individual
17 Delhi Delhi 2018 Ms.Yakhim Khoda C-24,Sidharth Nagar, Ashram, New Delhi-110014 Ms.Yakhim Khoda 7838006943 Textile Individual Nyishi 6 3 star 6073 0101100 1000 ( Yakam gab) Ms.Yakhim Khoda Vijaya Bank, Lajpat Nagar,New Delhi VIJB0006073 2018-19 Individual
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